Eye Treatments

Eye TreatmentsAt Village Beauty Salon we offer a range of treatments for the eye area alone, as this seems to be a very common area of concern.

The Crystal Clear Eye Microdermabrasion Treatment £20.00
Say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area, this Microdermabrasion treatment is followed by the CACI Eye Lift treatment including red laser to stimulate the collagen and elastion production.

CACI Ultralase Non Surgical Eye Lifting Treatment £20.00
The most advanced and effective non surgical machine available (as seen on 10 Years Younger). Diminish those unwanted lines, wrinkles and eye bags with the Non-Surgical Eye Lifting Treatment. This treatment also includes the NEW Ultralase laser to stimulate the collagen and elastin production

Crystal Clear & CACI Eye Treatment  £30.00
This is the perfect treatment for complete eye rejuvenation. Firstly, the eyes are treated with the CACI Non Surgical Eye Lift. Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion is then performed around the eye area to diminish those fine lines and speed up the cell regeneration process. The Crystal Clear Mini Mask Lift is then applied to the eyes and left for 20mins. Finally, collagen and elastin ampoules are used via an ionisation machine. This is one of Village Beauty's most popular treatment.

Eyelash Tinting £9.00
Eyebrow Tinting   £6.00
Eyebrow Tidy  £7.00
Eyebrow Tidy & Tinting  £10.50


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The Results Driven Treatment

Environ-Vitamins A, C and E skin range was voted as one of the top ranges for Facial treatments in the UK.

Environ is, in my professional opinion, one of the best anti-ageing skincare ranges on the market and to date all of our clients who have tried it love it.

But why is Environ so good? Environ is a natural preservative and additive-free range developed by South African plastic surgeon Dr Des Fernandes. The cornerstone of Environ is vitamin A and other absorbable fresh anti-oxidants such as vitamins C, E and beta-carotene. Vitamin A has a corrective effect on the skin, smoothing and softening it and protecting it from the damaging and ageing effects of ultraviolet radiation and other pollutants. It promotes the production of healthy collagen and elastin and improves the skin’s natural moisture, leading to healthy, younger-looking skin. Vitamin C improves the skin’s elasticity and controls pigment formation.



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Out of Hours appointments are available on request.

Cancellation Policy

As a courtesy to our therapists and other clients we require at least 24 hours notice should you need to cancel or rearrange an appointment.

Missed appointments will incur a cancellation fee. For Appointments & Cancellations please contact - 01737 357745 / 07917 357745 or teresa@villagebeauty.com